Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Snowy Penguins and Vowels

Happy New Year! Hopefully, I can get back onto a blogging schedule! Like many of you, I have had to do revamping and added to my workload with the new Common Core Standards. I am finally feeling like I can breathe. Our district added some new things this year and I was trying hard to get a feel for them and become confident in using them.

My Christmas was wonderful and I am enjoying that I have some extra time now to create some new things and that I am able to work on some things in my classroom. Today I created a Penguin vowel sort for a center activity that my students can do first thing in the morning (bell work) or that can be used during Guided Reading. Click the orange words Snow vowel Sort next to the image below to find this activity in my my TPT store. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!
I will be adding this center to my TPT store. For a limited time I will be offering this item for 1.00. Then the center activity will be 3.00. I hope that you will leave feedback for me at my TPT store if you like the activity! This is a 28 page packet and has several words for each vowel. I like that this packet uses some of the usual CVC words but also has some  4 and 5 letter words that have blends in them or belong to a word family.
I have made the cute little penguins the sorting mats for the vowel word sort. I created this activity to help my kids sort but also help with blending and reading words. My class can always use extra help in this area. I really dislike worksheets and I find that activities like this are a great way for my students to work together and work on valuable social skills at the same time!
The words are written big enough to read and using a font that is easy for the students to read. You can cut the snowflakes out as squares or if you are like me I will be cutting around the actual snowflake because I like the look better.
I have included a recording sheet if you decide to use this in Guided Reading. I like to laminate them and let the students use my Vis a Vis markers to write the words. It makes it more fun and is a great way to work on fine motor skill.s.

Here is to 2013 and being able to blog again! Oh, how I have missed being in touch with the blog world!



  1. I'm so excited there's someone from the town I live in that I can stay connected with in blogland. :)

  2. i am so exited. the pengoin is a very beautiful. sesame seeds