Monday, September 10, 2012

A Review of a Sharpener that Sharpens Like No Other

First, I want to apologize for not blogging during the summer. I decided I needed to be with the family and travel. We had a good summer and now it is back to business. We started back to school August 16th. My class is wonderful and can I say what a difference it makes in having two extra set of adult eyes in the room at the beginning of the year! I have a student teacher and a para in the room. I can't believe how much faster learning procedures has been with the extra eyes to watch what is happening. Makes me wish for smaller classroom sizes or more help! I have my student teacher until October 4th and I will be so sad to see her go! Now onto business, I received the opportunity to try out a new sharpener I saw on Pinterest. I was super excited to try the sharpener from Classroom Friendly because of the reviews I saw on Pinterest. Now, as you know I teach kindergarten and I was sad to say that I was disappointed with the sharpener and its performance in my kindergarten classroom for my little guys. In all fairness it was not the sharpener's fault. The sharpener is just not made with little people in mind. I tried to sharpen their pencils for them but it was difficult because the pencil hole was not really made for the size pencil we use. We choose to use Ticonderoga Laddie Pencils. I think if the pencil sharpener could be adjusted to a bigger size and be suctioned cup down instead of the C-clamp style it would be more suited to my students. I do have to say that for my own personal use I love how quiet the sharpener is. I do not like the clamp and prefer to hold the sharpener myself while sharpening. I LOVED how sharp the pencil got and was super impressed that it did not break like I expected it to the minute I started writing! In fact, it never did break and I applied a fair amount of pressure to it! The pencils I sharpened for my kinders did not break either!
I felt bad, I don't want to write a review like that so I sent the sharpener down to the second graders to try because I felt they would be able to maneuver the sharpener better. I am sad to say that the teacher and students were frustrated with the sharpener too. Once again, it turns out the same suggestions I had for making it work with Kinders seems to be the same issues the second graders had. I still did not want to leave a review on that note! My husband teaches high school. I decided to send the sharpener with him. My husband teaches 9-12 grades. He brought the sharpener to school and had his classes try it out. He had his 5th hour class write reveiws after sharpening their pencil with the sharpener. I am happy to say the older students LOVED the sharpener! Here are some of their review: It is easy to use and it makes your pencils sharp! It is smooth and sharpens fast. It was really cool and AWESOME! I like the pencil sharpener, I would buy it! I LOVE this pencil sharpener! So pointy and doesn't break. It's a miracle!! Fascinating! The pencil sharpener is one of the best I have used. It sharpens so quickly and you hardly have to turn it and because it sharpens quickly thre is less shreddings. It gets the pencil very sharp! It is cool and something I have never seen! It was easy to use and worked really good! It's really easy to use and it leaves the pencil sharpened. I LOVE this pencil sharpener!!:D And it is a fun sharpener to use! It is a really good sharpener to me and it is an easy sharpener and fun sharpener!!! =) It's very nice, I love the point. This pencip sharpener is amazing. 10 out of 10!


  1. I appreciate your review of the pecil sharpener. I too teach kindergarten and with finances tight, I will forgo getting one. I noticed in your classroom pictures, you have colored tables. We just got them after years of double-desks with under storage. I need to get something to organize the students materials. I see you have colored stacking things on your tables. Would you be so kind as to tell me where you got them? I need them!

  2. I am hoping you can tell me where you got the storage basket/stacker things you have on your student tables. We were just given them after a zillion years with double-desks. I need something to help with materials on each table. Yours seem to be color coded and that is ideal.
    Your help is appreciated.

    1. The table organizers I got from a few years ago. They are made from balsa wood and my husband wood glued them together to make them more sturdy and spray painted them black for me. I hope this helps you.

  3. You should never be upset in giving a not so great review. How are the makers going to know what they need to change unless we as consumers are brave enough to tell it like it is? With your reviews the makers will know that they should target older audiences.

    Mila from PhD in Psychology