Monday, July 23, 2012

Classroom Tour

TBA's Ultimate Linky Party
I am participating in the Ultimate Teacher's Linky Party! You should check it out. There are so many great blogs and bloggers sharing a plethora of information. Click the link above to check it out. Now onto my classroom tour! I have been busy organizing the classroom and getting things ready for August! The pictures below show my classroom. Keep in mind it is a work in progress :)

Looking toward the entry of the classroom and cabinets.

Carpet area looking towards cabinets.

From the entryway looking back towards the word wall.

My favorite place to hang out...the diner of course!

Entryway looking towards carpet and calendar area. I put a lot of resources up under the board and on the cabinets as visual reminders to help students to remember to use their resources when they may not know the answer or need a reminder.

My Pinterest inspiration was to make a rubric for my kinders. I put the rubric with the anchor charts about background details. We will be using this a lot from November on. Probably not as much in the first three months. Although, I am thinking about making a rubric for coloring and handwriting to give my students more visual cues.

I have decided to use ClutterFreeClassroom's hand signals this year. I am hoping this will help with some of the disruption during the day.

I decided to add the ordinal positions to the days of the week to incorporate it with the calendar time.

I also decided to try the Bingo class management in order to praise students when they have learned a procedure and done it properly.


  1. Love your classroom pics! I really love the behavior bingo idea! Totally going to try that with my class this year! Thanks for sharing!!

    Mrs. M's Kinders

  2. Hi! I love your blog, I am a 2yr K teacher and reading your posts helps me so much. I really love your table shelves, the ones with the four baskets. I have searched all over the web for something similar but I can't find anything like that with baskets on 2 sides and a flat top for papers. Could you please help me out with where you found those?? Thanks so much, and keep the posts coming!! :)

  3. The table organizers I got from a few years ago. They are made from balsa wood and my husband wood glued them together to make them more sturdy and spray painted them black for me. I hope this helps you.